Austrian Soccer League


The task was to improve the level of discussion among all stakeholders such as sports journalists, clubs and fans as well as to raise the reputation of the Austrian Bundesliga Referees by providing background information. This goal was achieved through the humorous implementation of an online video quiz. Supported by a Facebook campaign, a broad mass of the target group was reached and brought up for discussion and participation. A total of 60,000 visitors took part in the online quiz over the 3 editions, of which 29,200 were converted and registered.

Disciplines: Campaigning, Design, Public Relations, Web

IDEA:Enrico Jacono & Patrick Lenhart
CONCEPTEnrico Jacono & David Mondok
WEB DEVELOPMENT:David Mondok & Wolfgang Schäfer
COPYWRITING:Enrico Jacono & Philipp Eckhardt
DESIGN:Enrico Jacono
AWARD:National Award PR – Digital Communication