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10 Billion Satoshi Homepage

Thirteen Years ago amidst the start of the Web 2.0 era there was one website that made headlines worldwide. This website was called The Million Dollar Homepage. Launched on 26 August 2005, the website became an internet phenomenon. The Alexa ranking of web traffic peaked at around 127 and generated a million dollars of income for its creator. If you’re old enough, this is most likely the part of the story that most of you remember.

Much more important than that however, the website became a beautiful snapshot of that time and spirit, which can still be visited today. Now 13 years later, Ten Billion Satoshi Homepage (10BSHP) is our contribution to a far greater cause. We want to give you a way to promote your own crypto project and showcase your involvement as an early adopter. To express your faith and believe in crypto and in building a decentralised system free from governmental control. Join us in our initiative, help us raise awareness for cryptocurrencies and get yourself a piece of crypto history - forever carved in stone. This one is for the community.

Disciplines: Crypto, Design, Web

IDEARyo Hazuki
CREATIVE DIRECTION:Ryo Hazuki & Yattsu Hashi
CAMPAIGNING:Kikuchiyo & Hatake