Michael Marcovici

Block55 Book Promotion

In this autobiography written in 2049, David Wenkart tells how his invention of the ccoin blockchain came about. As readers are probably aware, the ccoin blockchain has revolutionized the world in recent years: nation states have lost power, while the structure of society and people’s lives have radically changed. Wenkart, the son of two Holocaust survivors who grew up in the Vienna of the 1980s, describes his life history in this memoir. His momentous invention of ccoin, at the time a new loan-based cryptocurrency, occurred in 2017.

To boost book sales, we developed a website and launched a viral reward campaign. The mechanics of this campaign was that those who shared a link via social networks could collect points and redeem them for a signed edition of the book. Through the campaign, book sales increased tenfold within a few weeks.

Disciplines: Campaigning, Design, Print, Web

WEBDESIGN:Enrico Jacono
CAMPAIGNING:Enrico Jacono & Christian Österreicher