Egger Bier

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The wild yearning for unspoilt nature. The unyielding will to never be subdued. To know where you are from. And where you belong. Yes, you truly have a lot in common: Unkraut and you. The renowned Austrian brewery Egger Bier is breaking new ground with Unkraut. Leading agency Ortner & Weihs invited us to create an online presence for Unkraut and we happily obliged. Did we mention that you can also buy some great merchandise there? There are those that say: “Pretty hardy.” We are certain: A little like you.

Disciplines: Design, E-commerce, Web

Leading Agency:Ortner & Weihs

Webdesign:Jörg Schirlbauer

Web Development:Robert Chwistek

Copywriting:Bernd Graller

Translation:Florian Rotter le-Beau